Too Faced 2018 Holiday Collection Review

Too Faced was a popular brand in my household in 2k17. Usually if I was buying a palette or a blush it was Too Faced.

They came out with a lot of great bundles for the holiday season and I’m here to tell you if they were worth or not. I also included two other products I bought, one a new release and the other an older classic.


Best Year Ever


The Best Year Ever set comes with a cute makeup bag, a deluxe size Better Than Sex mascara, and 3 palettes, each containing six eyes hadows and one face product (blush, bronzer, etc.) This was their big year end set that gives you a little bit of everything all in one.


For the price of $49 its not a bad deal (but it is discounted online to $44.10!!!) if it seems like something you really need. The shades are all natural and could fit most if not all skin tones, and give you some really nice natural looks. For me, I felt like I had really similar shades in my collection (most of which were in my Too Faced Natural Love palette) and the blush and bronzer aren’t really colors I see myself wearing as they are way too dark for my skin tone. For me this seems like a great product for someone just starting out. You don’t have a lot of eye shadows in your collection and you need a good starting off point? This would be a good set for you. Otherwise, I don’t really see myself using this much.

All in all it is a nice set and there isn’t anything wrong with the actual product, just for me it didn’t seem like anything special.

Unicorn Survival Kit


Unicorns were EVERYWHERE this year. You can get unicorn mac and cheese for god’s sake. Makeup was where the unicorn theme was most prevalent, and Too Faced wasn’t about to let that sales opportunity slip away from them.

In the set you get a mini version of the Unicorn Tears La Creme lipstick and Unicorn Tears Melted Latex lipstick. Online it says they are deluxe, and correct me if I’m wrong, but they seem mini sized to me? They are both a pretty blue color and go on really smooth. The Melted Latex gives me some alien vibes probably because its metallic, but we can let it slide.


You also get, which I find to be what makes this set worth it, is a special unicorn highlighter. Its an exclusive blue to pink shifting highlighter, that comes in a mini compact. Honestly, I would buy this if they had a bigger version. Its really really pretty and I’m all about the blue highlighters.

Don’t get me wrong, the lip colors are really cool, and if you are into bold iridescent lips, then by all means, but for me the real treasure in this package is the highlighter because damn.

Currently, you can get it for $23.40 (marked down from $26) and make all your unicorn dreams come true!

White Chocolate Bar

I’m gonna go ahead and get this out of the way. I hate HATE the way this palette smells. It might just be me, but when I open this up I am instantly nauseated. I hate white chocolate, so I should have been aware of this before buying, but I love to suffer.

Other than that, I really like this product. Its no peach palette (because honestly can anything?) but its got some unique shades and some really nice shimmers. When I’m shopping for a new palette I’m looking for something I don’t have and is unique to that palette. I don’t want the same mattes and the same silver shimmers. The White Chocolate bar delivered. It has a nice minty green and a lavender , along with my favorite shimmer right now called Sugared Raisin. the other colors are nice, especially all the light pinks, which I seem to be dipping my brush into a lot these days.

Its a good palette, seriously, I just really hate the smell like…please let me live.

Matte Chocolate Chip


I literally just explained that I don’t buy palettes with colors that I already have but hear me out on this one okay?

Have you ever had to travel somewhere with all your makeup and suddenly you are trying to figure out how to pack these huge ass palettes? One is too big for your makeup bag and one is too long and its just a whole situation I have to put myself through in order to look beautiful on my vacation. I got tired of this.

Enter the Matte Chocolate Chip. He’s mini, he’s compact, and he has all the matte shades I could need for transitioning. I was sold. I also got him on sale, so that didn’t hurt at all. Now, I can focus on packing good shimmers, and not have to worry about how I can fit 5 different palettes into my suitcase. I love him.


Happy shopping! xo




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