Colourpop Haul

I’m really bad at ordering things online unless its coming from Amazon. There’s so many things you have to go through for payment and shipping that by the time I’m almost done I’m starting to regret my purchase already. That’s the main reason I haven’t tried Colourpop.

Late one night I was scrolling Facebook and saw a post about a huge Colourpop sale. Christmas had just happened, so I thought why not? I can always use new makeup. So I buckled down and did the thing. Before I knew it my cart was full and I hit purchase with no regrets.

Only a week later the box arrived and I was showered with all the new makeup I probably have nowhere to put.

Once all my products were out of the box it truly hit my how much I bought.


I got a lot of eye shadows in this haul because I have heard really good things about them. I picked out three Super Shock eye shadows, three powder eye shadows, and a Supernova shadow. I tried to pick unique colors that weren’t similar to anything I had at home.


(ignore that I destroyed Flipper with my fingernail)
Super Shock Shadow:
Flipper: tangerine with silver glitter
Revolution: mauve with pink and silver glitter
Valley Girl: vanilla with a gold sheen


Powder Eye shadows
On the Fence: frosty pink
Glass Bull: duochrome lavender icy blue
Double Date: metallic lavender

All of the shadows are really pretty and blend out really well. I love that the pigment is rich and it goes on super smooth and doesn’t leave any creases. I love glittery and metallic shadows and sometimes it can be hard to find ones that look good and also stay on, but so far I have no complaints about these. I’m definitely going to go back later for more.

As for the Supernova shadow, I bought it mostly because I was intrigued and it was discounted. Its a liquid shadow that has a metallic base is loaded with glitter. The color I got was UF-Woah, described as an icy rose with blue glitter. I really liked this one. I wasn’t sure when I bought it because its not something I usually use, but this is just so pretty so I see myself reaching for this a lot.


I think I should buy a few more colors of the Supernova Shadow. For me, UF-Woah was my favorite color and a good jumping off point for me in the liquid eye shadow world.


I decided to buy a blush, just for kicks. I’m not one to deviate much from my favorite blushes. Once I find one that looks good I usually stick with it. But for curiosity’s sake, I decided to try one out to see how I liked it. I picked out Prenup, which is a midtone pink. I actually really like it. It isn’t like anything I had at home, and I think it will look good with most of my looks.


As for lips, I already have one matte lipstick by Colourpop that I really liked. The color was really pretty and it was super long lasting. I have always wanted to buy more to add to my collection.  I tried really hard to pick out colors that were totally different from each other but I think I failed a bit with two of them. My goal was to find a nice red and a rosy color. The rest were just extras. Something interesting I found was a metallic lip, which I think is going to be fun to add as a topper to finish off the look.


My favorite out of all of them is Saigon, which is like a true Gwen Stefani red. Viper is a close second.

Viper: dark rusty rose
Saigon: warm-toned red
Cheap Thrills: dusty lilac
Lumiere 2: dusty mauve
Treat Me: pastel peach with gold duo chrome

The best part of this sale was if you spent $50 you got a free Golden State of Mind palette. When I saw this palette for the first time at Sephora I knew I wanted it, but it was right before Christmas so I decided to wait. Good thing I did. All the shadows in the palette are both metallic and glittery, and will make any look super shiny. The formula of the shadows are made to be used with a wet brush, so they go on super pigmented.


Some of my favorites are GRLFRND, a pink color with violet glitter and Heads and Tales, an icy cranberry.

All the colors are really pretty and will be my go to palette for shimmer and glitter. At regular price its only $26, which these days is a really good deal for nice palette with good quality shadows.

In the future I definitely see myself buying more of their products, in fact I already have my eye on a few.

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  1. I almost got in that after Christmas sale! I had the cart full of the supershock eye shadows, but after talking myself down, I didn’t hit that purchase button. Now i’m regretting it 😛


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