My Favorite Products of 2017

Lets face it, 2017 wasn’t a fun year, but luckily we can always rely on the always tempting call of capitalism to make us feel better. 2017 birthed a lot of new beauty product lines as well as brought many cult favorites to light. Find out what products kept me looking good and feeling happy this year.

Aura Cacia’s Ginger and Mint Foam Bath

I was on my feet a lot this year. After work there’s nothing like drawing a hot bath to relax in while you check all the social media you missed out on all day. Normally I’m a bath bomb kind of girl. Ginger mint bathIt’s not as messy and bath bombs are everywhere these days. However, working retail is emotionally and physically draining and the last thing I want to do after work is go to a different store. The bath bombs at my store somehow cost a third of what I made that day, so I had to explore for a bit, but I found something wonderful: Aura Cacia’s foam bath. Aura Cacia is probably best known for their essential oils. They are organic and don’t test on animals and they offer a lot of tips and DIY tutorials online. Along with their essential oils they have a line of body care and bath products. Their foam baths, which I grew particularly fond of are one of many Aura Cacia products I keep stocked at home. You don’t need to pour a lot of the powder in to get the benefits, so it can last you a long time if you are frugal with it. The ginger and mint scent was my favorite because it felt relaxing but also the scent would wake me up after a long day of customer service.
You can buy a jar of my favorite scent here:

2. Lush’s Bunny Moon Jelly Mask

You know when you go into a Lush store and the salesperson follows you around recommending products and asking to rub things on the back of your hand? You try to make up excuses like “I’m just looking.” or “My skin is too sensitive.” but it never works. They somehow find the perfect product that you have to buy or your anxiety will convince you that you disappointed that random salesperson and you can never show your face in that Lush store again. bunny moonThis was one of those products. I saw “jelly” and was intrigued while I was browsing the store and before I knew it it was on the back of my hand and was being told that if I had sensitive skin it was the perfect face mask for me. It does have soothing honey, rose and chamomile in it after all. I was defenseless. The salesgirl and I had already established while she was rubbing the mask into the back of my hand that we had the same hometown. I had to buy it, not for me but for her. When I got home I reluctantly opened the jar and rubbed it into my face. As it slowly melted into my skin I expected immediate burning, but it never happened. Instead my skin was left feeling soft, moisturized and smelling great. Thank you random salesgirl. Currently the Bunny Moon face mask is sold out, but you can sign up to get notified when it is back in stock and I really recommend doing that especially all of you with sensitive skin like me.

3. Heritage Store’s Rosewater

Speaking of sensitive skin, this is another product I was using religiously this year. I spent the majority of the year battling severe dermatitis that I could not for the life of me calm. This didn’t cure me, but it helped a lot. rosewaterThis little guy has so many uses. You can spray it for a nice rose scent either in your room or as a body spray, which is nice when you feel you need to refresh your senses. You can also spray it into your hair so your hair smells nice. For me, I couldn’t find a good moisturizer for awhile that didn’t cause my skin to itch and become so inflamed that I had to sit with ice on it for hours. With one spritz of the rosewater on my face my skin was calmed and given some of the moisture it so desperately needed. Even now, after my skin has recovered I find myself reaching for my bottle to spray a little on my face.
Get your own bottle here:

4. Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Modern Renaissance Palette

After spending all my money on Too Faced peach products and 20 different highlighters I was broke, but beautiful. However, I’m always willing to spend all my paycheck on an eye shadow palette I don’t need, but it has to be breathtaking. Modern Renaissance was that bitch. MRThe berry tones were super on trend and I needed to be trendy, so off I went to Ulta one day after work to buy my new child. Probably lucky for me at the time it was out of stock. I live in a place with only one makeup store in a 50 mile radius, which means usually if I want something its sold out. So I did what any girl craving for a $42 palette would do; I drove to that other Ulta. Once I arrived and I saw the velvet palette with all the earthy browns and super pigmented pinks inside I knew I had done the right thing.  This was my first experience with ABH eyes shadows, and while I can’t say they are my absolute favorite, they are decent and I loved the colors. At the time it was hard to find this combo of colors in a lot of palettes, so it was a must have for me.
Buy online here

5. Apeach Planner

While it isn’t exactly a product, it was probably the most useful thing I used this year. plannerI bought my planner at the Kakao Friends store when I was in Seoul because it was getting difficult to plan my days there without writing it all down. Each page had a new picture of my favorite anthropomorphic peach. It had plenty of space for each day that I could add everything I wanted to do. It also had blank pages, which I used to write directions and locations I needed to see, which I’d cross out once I completed. After I was back in America, I used it to make weekly goals and plan my small social schedule around my work schedule. I found that later it was fun to look back on what I was up to this year. I got a new Apeach planner for 2018 that I can’t wait to fill up!

6. My fuzzy Latem purse

This was actually a gift given to me for my birthday in Seoul.purse I loved the fuzzy face and used this purse daily for the greater portion of this year. I like smaller purses and this one was still fairly small but had a lot more room in it than the one I was using before. Did i mention its fuzzy? Latem was a store I loved in Korea. They had a lot of options for bags and wallets and really cute jewelry and accessories. It doesn’t look like they ship worldwide, so its a store I definitely recommend you check out if you ever visit South Korea.
View their website here

7. Tony Moly Black Tea Mask

When I was in Seoul I shopped at Tony Moly a lot and with every purchase they gave samples and freebies. black tea maskSomehow I ended up with almost ten of these masks. They are super calming and moisturizing and the only mask I could use this year due to my sensitive skin. The mask is filled with antioxidants for your skin and will improve skin elasticity and prevents aging.  It seems like they don’t sell this mask online which I’m sad about, but they have a whole black tea skin care product line which is worth checking out if you are ready to try out some Tony Moly skincare.

8. Tony Moly Squirtle Skin Care

I used a lot of Tony Moly products this year. The first store I went to in Seoul was a Tony Moly store to buy all of the Pokemon products they were promoting at the time. They had everything from face masks, to hand lotions, to makeup. squirtleI bought a lot that day, and I still am using a lot of the products. My favorites were the Squirtle products. There is a face moisturizer, hand cream, and shower gel. Not only do they smell really good. Squirtle’s scent for the hand creme is lotus. Its not listed what the scents for the moisturizer and the shower gel are, but they smell similar so I can assume it is also lotus. The best part about the Pokemon collab wasn’t the quality, even though it was great. The best part is seeing my favorite characters on all my skincare and makeup while getting ready in the morning. It definitely starts my day off the right way. The Pokemon products are no longer available, so we will just have to see what company Tony Moly collabs with in 2018.

9. Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick

Like I mentioned earlier, this year my skin was struggling. It was so hard for me to find a chapstick or lip moisturizer that didn’t cause my lips to go numb and lose all feeling. I tried just about every brand I could find and nothing was helping. vit c stickMy lips were chapped and needed help. My mom actually had a Vit E Stick and recommended I try it. It is good for use on your lips and eyes. It had beeswax, canola oil, aloe vera, and many other ingredients to help with dry and sun or wind damaged lips and eyes. It also had UVA protection, which is super important. Although its fun to have a chapstick that smells good and maybe sometimes puts a little tint on your lips, sometimes it isn’t practical. For my sensitive skin I had to leave behind anything gimmicky or that had a lot of added perfumes and stick to the basics, and as far as chapsticks go, this is as basic as it gets. Once my lips healed and I realized the true power of this stick of Vitamin E I went and bought three more. One to keep at home on my nightstand, one for my purse, and one to keep in my car. My lips were happy, which made me happy and its definitely something I’d recommend dropping all of your chapsticks for.
Get one for yourself here:

10. 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi.

Can you believe it has been 20 years since we were blessed with one of the greatest digital toys of our childhood? I remember my gold Tamagotchi and how much fun I had feeding him and cleaning up his poop. He was so important to me. I vividly remember the day my Tamagotchi died for the first time. tomagatchiI went out for dinner with my parents and forgot him at home. I thought he’d be okay, so I wasn’t too concerned during dinner. On the car ride home, I put on my headphones and pressed play on my walkman to listen to the Spice Girls and waited in anticipation to see my Tamagotchi. I didn’t even give myself time to turn my walkman off. I ran into my room to check on my friend only to find a little digital tombstone and a ghost floating above. My Tamagotchi was dead. This was one of my most traumatic moments as a child, and still the sound of certain Spice Girls songs takes me back to this day. So, when I saw that Bandai was bringing back the iconic toy (just in a smaller size) I knew I had to have one. I ordered the blue one on Amazon and waited until my new friend arrived on my doorstep. I take him everywhere with me, making sure I can clean up his poop while I’m busy at work. Now I’m an adult, so I am able to handle the huge responsibility that comes with a Tamagotchi something 9 year old me hadn’t yet mastered.
Get your new friend here:

11. Labiotte Wine Lip Tint.

This is a super gimmicky lip tint, shot to fame by none other than Exo themselves. Member Baekhyun sings a line about this lip tint in their single Lotto, and the brand shot to fame. I’m a huge fan of lip tints. wineThey are super easy to apply and good for days when I’m working. Lipsticks fade easily, but a good lip tint will last me all day without reapplying. Naturally, when I was in Seoul I had to see what all the fuss was about with these tints. Was it really good? Or did Exo-L’s lead me astray just by hyping a product their bias mentioned not even caring about quality? Honestly, I love it and really regret not buying more colors when I was there. It lasts all day, comes in a cute little wine bottle, and doesn’t have a super strong scent, which can quickly change my mind about a lip tint that looks good. They are a little pricey, but if you are willing to spend the money on a lip tint in a wine bottle that Korean superstars sang about, then its the lip tint you need in your collection.

12. Aloe Plant

If the theme of these products haven’t been made clear yet, its definitely skincare for my extremely sensitive skin. After I was prescribed medicine to help with my skin and calm it down, I was left with dry skin that no amount of moisturizer could tackle. aloeI was putting on Aveeno moisturizer for eczema on my face three times a day and still I was left with mildly itchy red skin that would peel every couple of hours. It was terrible and strangers were starting to ask me about it. I tried so many things, but it wasn’t until one desperate night I ripped off a leaf of my aloe plant and rubbed it all over my face, that I experienced any kind of relief. Even after one time, my skin was already less dry. I couldn’t be pulling a part a plant I had grown for a year, so I went to the grocery store and bought a much bigger aloe leaf to replace all my moisturizers until my skin was no longer as dry as sandpaper. It only took a few days for it to be completely healed. I could go back to my normal skincare routine. My aloe plant did the thing, and he did it well.

13. No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

I love a good surprise, especially when its a makeup surprise. I tried a lot of foundations this year, but none of them had that wow factor for me. NoI was pretty content with my Urban Decay, but it was hard to justify paying that much for a foundation I wasn’t completely loving. So I went out on a journey for the perfect foundation. I found a few I liked, but I live in a predominately white area, so my shade is always sold out. I was getting desperate. I needed foundation today, so I bought this one, hoping for the best. I thought maybe a foundation from a skin care brand was what I needed for my sensitive skin. And if it didn’t work, it didn’t cost that much so I won’t feel bad about tossing it. After one use I knew I didn’t need to worry about that. The foundation went on completely matte just like it said, and it made my skin look great. I checked it after work, and it lasted nicely all day. It was a very pleasant surprise, and I don’t see myself switching to a different foundation anytime soon.

14. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I was a little late on the game on this one. Listen, I love this product. It gives my skin lots of moisture and helps with the itchiness of my dry skin. urcIt sinks into my skin quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue like most lotions and moisturizers do. For most people this is a product I’d recommend fervently. One thing I’m not sure about is that sometimes if my skin is really bad it can burn a little at first after I apply it. I’m not sure if it’s something that happens to many people, or if its just because my skin is super sensitive to everything. It only last for a few seconds, and doesn’t seem to have any other affect on my skin, so I’m going to continue to use this product only when my skin seems to really need it, not every day. Most people really love this and swear by it, so I wouldn’t ignore that, I think I just have developed skin that’s hard to manage.
Get one here:

15. Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter

I think we all know that highlighters were the thing this year. I bought so many, and was always looking for a new one to give me the perfect glow. fentyI love my Moonchild palette but sometimes I want something a little more natural looking. When Fenty came into existence and saved us all I was really intrigued about their highlighters. Sure, they had some more natural colors when it came to highlights, but I’m a creature of habit. Give me all the holographic highlighters. I bought metal moon and went home to try it on. First of all, the packaging in great. It has little holographic specks and looks great on my vanity. With one swipe on my face I knew this was a good one. Its bright, but not too bright and doesn’t ever look fake. It gives a soft glow that never looks like I tried too hard. I definitely am planning to buy more colors in 2018.
Look at all the colors online

What products will you be bringing with you into 2018?


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