2018 Bucket List

I kind of hate the idea of bucket lists and I hated the motion picture movie about bucket lists, but here I am making a bucket list for the upcoming year. Looking back on 2017, I realize I didn’t do much. I had some good moments, but for the most part it feels like I wasted a year. The best way to solve this for 2018 seems to be writing a bucket list, so here we go.

1. Become Healthy
Isn’t some variation of this on everyone’s list of new years resolutions? Until age 20 I was an athlete and was always working out, stretching, and doing my sport. As I got older, I felt like I couldn’t do my sport because of injuries and age so I quit. Along with quitting my sport I ended up quitting exercise all together while increasing my interest in junk food. I hope that in this coming year I can exercise more and develop better eating habits so I can feel better physically and emotionally because right now I feel like a slug. I’d like to lose weight, but mostly I’m interested in not feeling like I’m a walking rock.

2. More Travel
Now that I am a cultured world traveler I am obsessed. I want to be a cultured world traveler forever. If that means I have to slave away at my job then so be it. This year I hope to visit South Korea again, but also another country like Japan or maybe Canada? I’m also living in a place that is near a lot of cities I have never been to so I’m hoping to take a lot of day trips to visit them. Who knows what this year will bring, but hopefully it brings an expensive plane ticket and some new luggage.

3. Whale Sharks
This is something I have wanted to do for a really long time and now I am so close to the Atlanta Aquarium so it seems like this is the year. At the aquarium, if you are willing to pay a bit of money you can snorkle or scuba dive in the tank with the whale sharks. I love sharks and I want to swim with every kind, but whale sharks are at the top of my list. I won’t let 2018 end without swimming with a whale shark.

4. Move Out
I’m not sure if this is doable considering my current financial and health situations, but moving out of Asheville and into a city with friends and things I am interested in is my most ideal situation. I have done my time in Asheville and it was nice for a bit, but I hit my limit. Hopefully after everything happening in my life settles I can make a plan to move in 2018. Fingers crossed.

5. Become Fluent In Korean
This probably won’t happen to that extent, but I’m planning on studying a lot so I can fully understand and immerse myself in a culture I am interested in. Right now I can read and understand a lot, but I can’t form any sentences to respond, so even if I can accomplish that by the end of the year I will be content.

I hope that while updating this blog I am able to write that I have crossed all of these things off of my bucket list for the year. Stay tuned!

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