2017: Highlights

JANUARYJanuary: New Years Eve

Every year my NYE fantasy is to get dressed up lookin’ real fancy and glittery and drink a glass of champagne as confetti falls around me. For once, I actually achieved that goal with some of my best internet friends. We got all dressed up with glam squad makeup and went to the local gay club. It was crowded and the music was lame, but being with them makes anything fun. We were fancy, we were bombarded with confetti and balloons and midnight, and I drank my champagne out of a dixie cup.



February: South KoreaFEBRUARY

I never went out of the country before and South Korea was the perfect first foreign country to visit. Every corner had claw machines with Pokemon to win, which is actually my dream world. I may have wasted $50 trying to win them, but I left with so many! I would stay out all night drinking with some Tinder guy who would pay for me  to eat and take the subway home at 5am sitting among all the morning work commuters with a bottle of soju in my backpack I was saving for later and my new Pokemon doll in my arms, still a little drunk


MARCHMarch: Turning 25

I didn’t expect to have a huge birthday since my money in Korea was dwindling and my friend had now started her work, but I had a nice time. I was surprised with an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Each square was a different flavor and had a macaron on top. After cake we pre-gammed a bit and went to a club in Hongdae. As usual it was super crowded, but its fun to stand on the sidelines and watch. It feels strange to be half way to 30 and honestly I hate it, but this was the first birthday I have had in 3 years where I didn’t cry so I considered it a success.


APRILApril : EXOrdium in New Jersey

This years wildest story belongs to April. I drove down the New Jersey Turnpike at close to 100mph in the rain because we were going to arrive to the concert an hour late. Once we got in we heard the actual angel Suho thank everyone for waiting so long. Turns out the concert started late and we only missed a few minutes. On top of that, we got moved from the very top to super close to the stage. Sehun’s lines were yelled, Chanyeol shredded on guitar, and my life was changed.

May: Going Blonde 17-05-17-17-03-49-275_deco

I’m not entirely sure how this happened or why this happened but I went blonde. One of my friends bleached it and dyed it strawberry blonde one afternoon on a whim. I started off really liking it. I felt like Joy in Ice Cream Cake and tried to wear pastel colors everyday. In the later months of the year i hated it and dyed it back to brown. It was very short lived but I can say I tried it again since my time as a blonde in high school and that I’m better off a brunette. Now I know for sure.



June: Date In D.C.20170625_011524

In June I was originally supposed to see Kidoh live in D.C. I spent a fortune so I could meet him, have a photoshoot and attend a Q&A. Unfortunately it was cancelled, but I still took the trip and had a really great time. The venue changed the event to be a K-pop night, so we went but it was really lame, so we left to drink milk in the street and take pictures in our matching outfits.




17-07-26-21-46-59-510_deco July: 2 Years With Bruce

Bruce and I shared our anniversary in July. I adopted him from a friend that was moving and couldn’t take care of him anymore. He stinks and he bites me sometimes, but he is my son and I love him. Happy anniversary, Bruce. If you want to follow Bruce on instagram his handle is @bruucebb



July: Ocean City20170801_105949

I went to the beach to have fun, but ended up getting the worst sunburn of my life because I am one big dummy. I spent most of the week immobilized by pain. On the last day my uncle’s friend came to stay and they got so drunk at a karaoke bar that I ended up losing them somewhere in the street. My grandma and I went out at 3am to find my uncle face down on the sidewalk and my uncle’s friend across the street buying $100 worth of pizza with strangers.


20170914_143251September: Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is a strange place. Imagine a old timey road with shops where you can buy souvenir t-shirts, fidget spinners, and a rifle. I guess this is the south. There are so many moonshine stores and at the parking garage they gave us a coupon for one of them, so we went and bought some moonshine. There were so many bearded men so excited to taste all the moonshine flavors. The south is really strange. I went there with my mom to go to the Ripley’s aquarium, which is really nice. You can touch jellyfish, walk through a shark tunnel, and a station to feed rays at.


October: Halloween 20171029_001210

If I stayed at home for Halloween I would have just ended up working all night and going home to sleep. I wanted to dress up so I drove to Maryland to stay with my family. I had the pleasure of going out with some of my middle school friends to drink in D.C. It was a little surreal because here I am with girls I knew at 12 years old listening to the same songs that were on the radio at that time, but we are all drunk and I’m dressed as a devil.


20171106_170957November: Autumn

The autumn leaf display on my mountain is really incredible especially after living in Texas most of my life. I had an asthma attack to get this picture. I already live on top of a mountain, but to get a good picture I have to walk farther up the mountain which is exhausting. I’m heaving and my legs hurt, but at least I can share this picture to facebook with some leaf emojis.

December: Monuments20171213_134926

I had the pleasure of having a friend from Korea visit America, so I drove up north to meet him. I have been wanting to visit the monuments again since I haven’t gone since I was really young, but I couldn’t ever find someone who wanted to go with me. Naturally when he told me he was spending a few days in D.C. I requested my days off from work and made some plans for seeing all the monuments. It was really really cold and windy, but we saw all the majors and ate some really good pizza.

What were some of your 2017 highlights?

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